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Dr. Bhabha Paramedical Institute & Science Auraiya

As we move further into the 21st century we find that India has made considerable progress in the field of health as evident by large hospitals complete with the latest technological gadgets and infrastructure. In addition, a boom in the health sector not only in India but also globally, has created a tremendous... Dr. Bhabha paramedical institute and science is committees to provide highly skilled Paramedical staff through its well-integrated infrastructure so that they can serve at national and international level.


To provide Job opportunities to young and energetic and enterprising personnel in India.
To Train and create competent , effective and proficient health care workers in India and in turn create Better health care and medical treatment facilities in India.
To assist Government of U.P and central government during natural disasters’ like Floods and earth quake by providing sufficient competent Paramedics to deal with crisis.
To assist the government in providing sustainable and affordable well being, health care and medical treatment facilities in India.
Finally our mission is to create a Healthy India.

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