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Dr. Bhabha Paramedical Institute & Science

Every year when the results of 10+2 are declared thousands of young boys and girls who successfully clear the first hurdle in their life are aspiring to fulfil their dreams for a successful career in their future. Most of them can not pursue higher studies due to financial constraints and urgent need to support their dependants and aging parents. Most of the government owned pre –professional institutes have limited seats and extremely competitive entrance examinations! private institutes require astronomical donations which is beyond their comprehension, furthermore training period is prolonged and does not guarantee future lucrative employment. India is going through a deep crisis in health-care sector due to acute shortage of supporting staff in hospitals, clinics, health care centres and even in Government supported Anganwadi’s. As per latest studies of World Health Organization India is short of almost seventy million supporting staff in health care and medical treatment facilities. All over the globe the onslaught of Novel-Corona Virus has deepened the crisis of shortage of supporting staff and Paramedic technicians. Indian Government is fighting the crisis of Job losses. We urgently need to create jobs for millions of young Indians whose numbers are growing like a arithmetic progression.

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Satisfied Students

To provide Job opportunities to young and energetic and enterprising personnel in India.

To Train and create competent , effective and proficient health care workers in India and in turn create Better health care and medical treatment facilities in India.

  1. If you have missed the opportunity to become a doctor and serve humanity due to financial constraints or other reasons ! You have a golden opportunity to serve the people and relieve them of their pain and disease and illness while still serving and be near home.
  2. If you need a challenging job.
  3. To assist Government of U.P and central government during natural disasters’ like Floods and earth quake by providing sufficient competent Paramedics to deal with crisis.
  4. If you need a job with job satisfaction.
  5. If you want to be a skilled person.
  6. If you want to grow in life and open up your own specialized health care centre after gaining experience.
  7. If you want to make a difference in the life of people.