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Paramedical A Carrier Option

In the last decade the basic medical and health care became the most important basic need of all human beings around the world. With a few qualified doctors to cater for astronomically large population of the world! Only the rich countries and its wealthy citizens had access to best medical treatment and health care. As the cost of medical treatment kept shooting up there was a growing pressure to manage patients at home or even an alternative car pathway to reduce hospital conveyance and visits. Hence the concept of Paramedics was borne. Paramedic is a fast developing profession which is finding its foothold in the medical world. Dr. Bhabha paramedical institute and science has been formed to create highly trained young energetic professional specialized in various field of medical sciences to provide health care and medical treatment to personnel to avoid inconvenience and unnecessary expenses for visit to hospitals, diagnostics procedure and consultations. Paramedics are trained by highly qualified faculty’s specialised and experienced in their field to provide primary health care, diagnosis, management and treatment of malfunctions of various human organs. Cutting edge research and technology is used to prepare curriculums and training for each specialized course to commensurate with the duration of the course. All candidates with 10+2 and 17 to 35 years of age are eligible to enroll and come out as certified paramedics and technicians with one / two years of training with specialisation in Cardiac care , Dialysis therapy , X ray/ MRI scan /ECG technician , Operation theatre technicians , Radiology technicians , Optometry technicians, Physiotherapists, Phlebotomy technicians , Emergency medical treatment, Medical Lab technician Etc. Paramedics are imparted specialist training of short duration For example a young boy /Girl is trained for two years to be a certified Dialysis technician. He has the job opportunities in hospitals, clinics, labs, dialysis units, and training centers.

Tasks of Paramedics

  • To provide fast and instant first aid medical care and treatment to a victim on accident at site.
  • To provide quick first aid to a victim of snake bite, stray dog bite, accidental consumption of venom/toxins.
  • To provide first aid for victims of trauma due to accidental amputation of limbs and speedy preservation of amputed body part and assistance in surgery.
  • To assist the patients during an attack of epilepsy and removal to health care unit.
  • To assist senior citizens in health care at home by physiotherapy, taking vital statics and assisting in dialysis.
  • To assist children and senior citizens at home in cases of severe diarrhea and dehydration.

Who should become a Paramedical

  • If you have missed the opportunity to become a doctor and serve humanity due to financial constraints or other reasons ! You have a golden opportunity to serve the people and relieve them of their pain and disease and illness while still serving and be near home.
  • If you need a challenging job.
  • If you need a job with job satisfaction.
  • If you want to be a skilled person.
  • If you want to grow in life and open up your own specialized health care centre after gaining experience.
  • If you want to make a difference in the life of people.